Why partnering 

Social Schools is a recognized market leader in the edu-tech market, with a 30% market share in Holland and a growing number of schools in Singapore, Germany and Belgium. For our international ambitions we are looking for a reliable long-term business partner to exclusively market Social Schools in their country. 

Social Schools provides an integrated solution for all school communications we help schools and families work more closely together to get the most out of each child’s potential and give them the best possible start in life.

Based on the latest insights in modern communications using proven technologies, the Social Schools platform enables schools to optimize all internal and external communications and related processes using a single platform.

One platform loaded with functionality

  • Group messages
  • Private messages
  • Chats
  • Urgent messages
  • With parents and internally
  • Automated newsletter 
  • Calendar
  • Parent meeting planner
  • Sign up lists for volunteers 
  • Sign up lists for materials 
  • Forms submission
  • Sickleave
  • Absence register 
  • Holiday requests
  • Vacancies 
  • Image preferences (GDPR) 
  • Connects with administration system 
Online Payments
  • Online payments
  • Schooltrip
  • Webshop 


  • Social Media 
  • Schoolwebsite 
  • School television 
  • Externals 
Sharing Reports
  • School reports 
Child Workspace
  • Portfolio 
  • Feedback module 
  • Library 
  • Schoolreports 
  • Beautiful templates 
  • Easy to update 
  • 2 weeks set up time 

School App

All School communication in one App


Send private messages, group messages and chats.


Makes complex processes simple for teachers and parents eg parental evenings


Timesaving administrative functionality.


Connects with important services for the school eg payments or an administration system 



In no time, an affordable professional website for your school, integrated with the School App

Easy to update

Update your website by publishing messages and calendar items from the School App.

Simple editor

Front end editing to make easy changes (by double clicking on the content).

Plugins for schools

All website functionality is developed for schools.


A new website within 2 weeks! We provide set-up support.


Portfolio App

A collaboration space for children, teachers and parents.

Feedback & communication

Children share assignments, progress and receive feedback.


Select learning objectives from an already filled library.


A place for children where they can show what they are proud of .


A central dashboard gives the teacher an overview of the progress per student.


Board App

Communicate also between schools and at board level.

Complete coverage

Easily reach all users within a group of schools.


See by who and how often messages are read.


Create communication groups on board level for school directors, staff members and teachers.


Connects with important services/systems for your board.

You are in good company!

More than 1900 primary schools in The Netherlands are using our apps on a daily basis. Together with these schools and foundations we are continuously improving our services.



Primary Schools


School Apps





Business Advantages

Social Schools started with schoolcommunication in 2008. The platform is completely rebuild in 2018 / 2019 based on the latest insights. The current infrastructure is scalable and ready for the future. 


Competitive advantage

  • Ready-to-market innovative solution and easy to integrate with your services
  • A fast track opportunity to grow your market share
  • No investment in research, development & testing required
  • Access to an experienced development team for new product extensions & features
  • Proven sales & marketing programmes for high sales conversion (digital campaigns, lead generation, new customer training & onboarding, product collateral, demos, etc.)

Proven technology

  • Built on renowned infrastructure such as AWS and Microsoft Azure
  • Fully GDPR compliant
  • Optimized for high user volumes
  • Easy integration with 3rd party solutions & other functionality

Mature solution

  • Powerful solution built upon extensive research and co-creation with schools & parents
  • Guarantee of quick route to high customer satisfaction
  • Sustainable business with recurring revenue streams
  • Fully functioning customer support, service & training programmes ready to implement

Our clients have a lot to say

Because of Social Schools we save much time. For example planning parental evenings are easily planned. The planner also works perfectly for duo teachers. 


Director, Rainbow Primary School


As a parent i feel more engaged with the school. Finaly i know what "Alex" is learning because a week update and small movies and foto's from the classroom. 


Parent, Rainbow Primary School

Because we work with Social Schools we don't have to use Whatsapp or e-mail for schoolcommunication. As a school we are totally in control of our own communication platform. And Social Schools is totally GDPR safe. 



Director, Green Grass Primary School


Value added reseller

Value Added Reseller (White labelled integration), Social Schools services add value to the partner’s offering.


Resells Social Schools services with responsibility for the whole marketing / sales cycle and providing training and support.

Joint venture

Set up new entity together in Polish market.

The ideal partner 

Social Schools is a recognized market leader in the edu-tech market, with 30% market share in Holland and an installed base of 1900 schools.

We are looking for a reliable long-term business partner to exclusively market Social Schools in Poland. An established company with expertise in the education technology sector, our partner will be interested in integrating Social Schools services, and jointly scaling it up to significantly grow their market position.

  • is an established company with expertise in the education technology sector,
  • has active customer network in the primary school sales channel,
  • has capability to provide integration service, training and after sales support,
  • is eager to jointly scale up the solution to the Polish market and to exclusively market it in Poland.

Are you interested?

With Social Schools you will have everything you need for your schools communication

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