The pillars of Social Schools

Learning together, is what we believe in. Together we create the world citizens of tomorrow. Therefore Social Schools makes cooperation in the triangle “child, school and parent(s)” accessible. The performance of a child, whether it performs well or not so well, is our shared responsibility.

Simplicity, is what we believe in. No complicated functionalities, but a simple to use tool for teachers, parents and children. In our opinion, today's education places too much administrative pressure on schools and Social Schools offers the simplified solution.

Hostmanship, is what we believe in as well. We are an agile organization with little bureaucracy and hierarchy. This means that the lines are short and you always get to speak to the right person. We stand next to the schools as a host. We think along, provide assistance and we are willing to walk the extra mile.


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Time saving

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All in one communication

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Extensive support and assistance

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