How much does Social Schools cost?

Social Schools supports valuable communication in the triangle of “school, parent and child”. Below you will find the prices of our solutions for primary schools.

Social Community - APP


* Cost per student per year
Plus one-time $395 start-up costs *
Plus 10% service / support fee **

  • iOS and Android apps
  • Link with OneDrive and Google Drive
  • Link with Outlook and Google calendar
  • Link with Parnassys, ESIS and Dotcomschool
  • Publish to Facebook, Twitter and Social Websites
  • Newsletter module
  • Subscription lists module
  • Parent conversation planner
  • Dashboard for school administrators
  • Emergency messages module
  • Call planner module
  • Create unlimited number of groups
  • Allow access to an unlimited number of parents and teachers
  • Member list with contact information
  • 24/7 security checks
  • Processor agreement Primary Education Council

Social Websites


Plus one-time $395 start-up costs *
Includes unlimited service and support
SSL Certificate

  • Choose from one of our standard templates
  • Unlimited number of website pages
  • Unlimited storage of photos, files and videos
  • 24/7 security checks
  • Link with Social Community
  • Fully responsive design
  • New website templates on a regular basis
  • Fully supervised implementation process
  • Extensive set of plugins
  • Processor agreement Primary Education Council
  • Filled homepage
  • Page structure setup


The start-up costs are $395 for every product. You receive the following services for these costs:

  • A successful implementation
  • Personal guidance by an implementation manager
  • Sophisticated implementation process consisting of 4 steps
  • Extra guidance during the implementation


The service and support fee is 10% over the annual costs. You receive the following services for these costs:

  • Extensive online helpdesk with up-to-date manuals for all our services
  • Detailed video explanation with movies
  • You become a member of our feedback and support community
  • All school administrators of Social Schools are members of this community
  • Telephone helpdesk E-mail helpdesk

Lets optimize your website

Website add-ons

Are you missing something in your website package? In that case, complete your package with one or more of our add-ons and create the schoolwebsite you always dreamed of.

Custom website

Starting from $ 3000 single payment

Pay attention! This is a starting price and can be higher based on your wishes.

Do you want a website completely based on your schools identity? Then choose the custom add-on and we will design a website for you entirely based on your wishes and schools identity.


$ 150 per year

Plus $ 120 single payment

Have a lot to say? Then add the blog functionality to your website and inspire readers with your stories!


$ 280 per year

Plus $ 120 single payment

Having difficulty finding applicants for your vacancies? Our vacancy add-on will help you attracting the right candidates.


$ 150 per language per year

Plus $ 120 single payment

Are you an international school? Offer a website in multiple languages and make sure everyone is able to read the content.

Search option

$ 150 per year

Plus $ 120 single payment

Do you have an extensive website with a lot of pages? Make content in your website better findable with our extensive search functionality.

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